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Merlin (BBC) Merlin/Arthur Picture Bracelet
deamsgirl wrote in darlingdeams

I made a few of these earlier today.  The charms are ceramic hearts that I have sealed pictures onto (two of Arthur, two of Merlin, one proclaiming "M/A <3", one of the unicorn, and one of the two goblets from Gedref.)  The chain is handmade from 20 gauge silver, metal-coated copper wire and it has an adjustable s-clasp fastening.  This is the second bracelet of this sort that I've made and it continues to be supremely enjoyable.  I love the way they hang on the wrist and the total freedom of expression they allow.  Plus, what slash fangirl doesn't want a Merlin/Arthur bracelet?!

$5.00 USD + $2.00 USD S&H
(3 currently available.)

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Thanks! I made a bunch of them thinking I could give them to friends but then I remembered that none of my IRL friends are slashers. LOL. I'll probably sell them through ebay or just a paypal transaction for the price of shipping and the supplies to make them, because I can't imagine making fangirls pay a lot for slashy bracelets. :D

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