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Merlin (BBC) Merlin/Arthur Picture Bracelet
deamsgirl wrote in darlingdeams

I made a few of these earlier today.  The charms are ceramic hearts that I have sealed pictures onto (two of Arthur, two of Merlin, one proclaiming "M/A <3", one of the unicorn, and one of the two goblets from Gedref.)  The chain is handmade from 20 gauge silver, metal-coated copper wire and it has an adjustable s-clasp fastening.  This is the second bracelet of this sort that I've made and it continues to be supremely enjoyable.  I love the way they hang on the wrist and the total freedom of expression they allow.  Plus, what slash fangirl doesn't want a Merlin/Arthur bracelet?!

$5.00 USD + $2.00 USD S&H
(3 currently available.)

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AHHHH!!! you're so talented!! I can't even make a stick figure let alone a bracelet. Good Job! =]

*blushes* Oh, thank you! It was super-fun to make. I'm glad you like it!


Oh thank you! :) I'm glad you like it.


I love it!!!

*is possibly obsessed with bracelets*

Hee, don't worry I'm possibly obsessed with bracelets too (that's the whole reason I got into jewelry making in the first place XD). I'm really happy you like it!

HEE, that's insanely adorable!

Thank you! I'm glad you like it!

Omg! I want :D srsly cute.


^ COMMENT OF THE WIN! Thank you, bb! :)

essential day wear for any slashing fangirl. :D

Yes, definitely! I haven't taken mine off yet. I'm glad you like it!

Beautiful! You could sell loads of those!!

Thanks! I made a bunch of them thinking I could give them to friends but then I remembered that none of my IRL friends are slashers. LOL. I'll probably sell them through ebay or just a paypal transaction for the price of shipping and the supplies to make them, because I can't imagine making fangirls pay a lot for slashy bracelets. :D



I want one!!! It's so awesome!

Thank you! I'm glad you like it!

Fancy! Did you get any real life comments while wearing it?
What's that other bracelet lookin like?

Thank you!

Yes! A few people have told me it looks really cool and I've gotten a few requests for other tv show and such.

The other bracelet I made is a Supernatural bracelet. I didn't post pictures because it's a birthday present for a friend but I can give you links to some pictures if you'd like to see it. :)

Oh, that's lovely. *____* I haven't quite progressed far enough into making my own chains, but this makes me want to start. ♥

Thank you!

Oh, you should, it's a blast! If you have the mandrels to do it (which are pretty inexpensive and can be found at your nearest craft store,) then it is extremely rewarding. Though, I use flush cutters instead of a saw, so sometimes the links aren't quite perfect. But whatever, I still love to make them. :)

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